Connect with farmers to protect the generosity and productivity of their fields

Generally, we do not know the origin of the products that we consume and the same thing usually happens with products we acquire to market in our business.

In Pülle there is ethic toward the identity of the agricultural areas of our country to keep the balance between the economy of their fields and the responsibility we acquire obtaining their fruits to market them, since there are sacred codes in nature that we must respect, like the land processes and their seasons throughout the year.

That is why in Pülle we believe that:

Closeness to fruits life cycle is indispensable to obtain quality raw material for our products, contributing responsibly to the development of the agricultural business, delivering security to our clients, so that they can supply proudly their own business.

The fields connect the land with the people who work on it, and our Pülle products bring our agricultural areas of the country together with different parts of the world as a way to bring their quality, texture, and unique flavours for a healthier life and healthy eating habits, in order to advance in the common good of every human being who habits this planet.

Who I am |


Hi, I’m Felipe Gomez Serrano, dried and dehydrated fruits merchant, I help local market sellers and companies related to supply their business, so they can offer to their customers a product aware of its origin, through a fair and responsible trade.


Entrepreneurial spirit is a lifestyle that my father transmitted me and today is his legacy.

My father, Ángel Gómez, dedicated his life to silvoagricultural business, so I had contact with the agricultural world since I was a child, for he brought trees fruit, fruits and agricultural magazines to home. 

Thanks to that proximity, now that I’m an adult I can connect and delight myself with cycles of nature and its ancestral power, learning about the fruits origin and contemplating colours, flavourings, and frictions of rural areas that I never felt in the city.

Understanding the challenges that the farmers face towards the threats in their productive soils like climate, pests, and weeds have helped me to understand and strongly believe that as a dried and dehydrated fruits merchant I have to learn about the origin of Pülle fruits to ensure my customers the quality of their products.

Being involved in the agricultural world has given me the fascination with what autumn means, where trees detach their red, yellow and orange tone leaves, temperatures descend and rains promote the ideal conditions for a generous harvest in summer.

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