Supply your business with dehydrated plums and make it grow through a fair, responsible and conscious trade.

Consuming better, does not mean consuming more expensive.

That is why in Pülle we have knowledge of the dehydrated plums life cycle to help you become aware of the origin of the fruits you acquire, so you can be sure of delivering a quality product to your customers.

Knowing the process of each harvest through closeness to farmers of local fields and knowing the fruit transformation process through processing companies, allow us to develop a fair trade, where the business relationships are based on direct contact and mutual respect.

Learn how Pülle’s world works


the countryside of central Chile to meet the farmers and acquire a quality final harvest.


fruit to other fields for the drying process.


fruit production naturally, through solar drying.


the fruits in cellar, which maintains the natural properties of the fruit.


Pülle plums merchants.

Why selling dried plums in your business?

Because Chile is the world’s leading exporter of dried plums, due to the quality and condition of their fields for plum plantation, ensuring nutritional quality of your products for sale.

Because it is considered a superfood and one of the healthiest fruits on the market, standing out for its flavour and antioxidant properties. 

Because you will be contributing to a healthier life and healthy eating habits, in order to advance in the common good of every human being, who habits this planet.

Who I am |


Hi, I’m Felipe Gomez Serrano, dried and dehydrated fruits merchant, I help local market sellers and companies related to supply their business, so they can offer to their customers a product aware of its origin, through a fair and responsible trade.

How to acquire Pülle fruits?

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Schedule a video call to deepen your requirements and choose together a shipping system that suits you.

Send of quotation through e-mail according to what was discussed in the video call.

We send the order and inform you about the shipment data.

We worry about your order has arrived well, with the product in perfect conditions.