The perfection of nature through a nutritious and quality product for your business.


We believe in proximity to farmers and cycles of nature to generate a world with healthy food and aware of the generosity of our soils and the story behind its crops and its fruits.

The fruit process is a flowing system throughout the year, where the farmers, with the help of the air, water, sun and wind, are capable of giving life and strength to each tree that, when its time, they bring their fruits with unique qualities of its kind.

Dig, plant, care and harvest…

The life cycle of a fruit production begins in the fields, where the climate, land, sun exposure and soil type, will determine the quality of orchards and success of its harvest. 

In Pülle we are connected with the fruit process, discovering the kindest areas of the country in its harvest, so that you can have the certainty of obtaining a product with quality origin, which maintains its natural nutritional qualities to the maximum.

| Who I am |


Hi, I’m Felipe Gomez Serrano, dried and dehydrated fruits merchant, I help local market sellers and companies related to supply their business, so they can offer to their customers a product aware of its origin, through a fair and responsible trade.

In Pülle coexists plums, raisins and almonds to supply your business, trusting that you will not only receive a ready-to-sell product, but you will also participate in the life cycle of each harvest.

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